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Lithium ion Battery in China

Lithium ion Battery in China : Power batteries

Lithium ion battery is preferred for its long-life span, unique and minimal self-discharge rate, premium quality, less energy usage level and cost effectiveness. Lithium batteries are great for power storage, electric vehicles, boats, golf carts, solar power storage and power backup applications. It can store highest amount of charge by weight, which gives higher energy density compared to other batteries.


Kingbo Power Technology Batteries are protected against leakage, distortion and scratch.

Kingbo Power Technology Can work under standard humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure range.

Kingbo Power Technology Long life cycle

Kingbo Power Technology High capacity

lithium ion battery China
lithium ion battery in China

We have experienced and skilled professionals who have vast knowledge and expertise in battery specialization. Our batteries are safe to use, offer commendable performance and are low in maintenance costs. We provide custom battery solutions that apt for medical, military and industrial battery applications.
Demand for batteries in China is forecast to increase 13.0 percent annually to ¥259.4 billion. Growth will be driven by a continuing shift in the product mix toward higher-value secondary batteries, rising ownership of high-drain electronic products by Chinese consumers, and expanding production of motor vehicles and electronics. The export of battery containing products like cellular phones, laptop computers, and other portable devices will further increase battery demand in China.

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