Li-ion battery in UK

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular, but entering the international market, lithium batteries and related products have strict certification and testing requirements, and we need to know the shipping information and certification before ordering an shipping . Today we share some basic certification and shipment informations for lithium batteries separately:

Li-ion battery in UK INDIA

Lithium battery import declaration is required to provide BIS testing certification, the current standard used IS16046:2015/IEC62133:2012 will expire on July 11, 2019; the IS16046 (Part1):2018/IEC6213301:2017, IS16046(Part2):2018/IEC6213301:2017 new standard is updated and released by users. Complete the standard update registration application.

Li-ion battery in UK

Li-ion battery in UK

Li-ion battery in UK MEXICO

The official NORMA of Mexico publishes the standard NOM-212-SCFI-2017, which covers primary batteries and primary batteries - maximum allowable limits for mercury and cadmium - specifications, test methods and labeling requirements. All batteries or batteries that are not sold separately as parts of electrical and electronic products do not need to apply for Mexican NOM certification. The standard will be implemented on September 28, 2019.

Power tools battery in UK BRAZIL

ANATEL (National Telecommunications Authority) has issued public consultations Nos. 35, 36 and 37 to update and propose modifications to the current mobile phone and its battery and charger label requirements. The release is recommended to be updated in accordance with the IEC standards for electrical safety testing, changing specific safety labels to optional labels for chargers and batteries, and updating references to other applicable regulations.

lithium ion battery China

Power tools battery in UK

Power tools battery in UK ISRAEL

Lithium batteries and power products, Israel must be certified by the Israel Standards Association SII (full name The Standards Institution of Israel), all electronic and electrical products entering Israel must obtain SII certification, Israel is also a member of IEECEE-CB, recognized and can Accept the CB test report issued by its IECEE-CB member states.

Power tools battery in UK JAPAN

On November 20, 2008, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry issued a directive to classify lithium batteries into non-specific products. PSE-certified products are limited to secondary batteries with an energy density of not less than 400 Wh/L, but not for medical use. Equipment, industrial equipment, and lithium batteries that are not easily disassembled by soldering or other connection methods.

Power tools battery in UK

Since July 2013, lithium batteries that have been fixed in equipment by soldering or other connection methods have also been included in the PSE certification.

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